Midway Wicked Woods

The Legend

Read on if you dare...

Evil incarnate has long been thought of as a myth. No matter the evidence presented before us every day; read your newspaper, watch you local news, its everywhere. But we as a society are programmed to only accept what is plausible and discard the rest. Always keep in mind that behind every myth there is truth. There are some truths that are so terrifying that our primitive minds cannot comprehend and so we refuse to accept them as facts even if we have been face to face with it.

There are some unfortunate souls who have done that very thing and the lucky few, a term I use lightly, who survived have told tales that I dare not write word for word on paper. The other survivors are still trying to comprehend the sheer horror of what they encountered in the woods of Midway Campground hoping and praying that they can rid their memory of their encounters… their encounters with Wicked Willie.

Willie was a rather large man, roughly 6'7 and about 267 with the I.Q. of a second grade child. He looked like someone who got hit in the face a few hundred times with a cast iron skillet. His teeth were about the size of a horse's, with large gaps between them and stained a deep yellow. Willie was indeed a loner. The only real friend he had was his mother, a strange lady who looked like a cross between a Salem witch, a bag lady, and a voodoo priestess. Sadie had the most evil eyes, eyes  that seemed to look into your very soul. Willie and Sadie had been living in a hotel in the next town over and for reasons unknown, got evicted. Willie asked the Jenkins if he and his mother could move into one of the rental campers. Although the Jenkins had reservations about Willie's mother, they felt Willie had more than proved himself working at the campground and it was the least they could do to keep him around through the summer.

Soon after, small animals such as cats and dogs were beginning to disappear, not only in the campground but in the neighborhood as well. Things got worse each month as more and more animals disappeared and the size of the animals grew larger. Things started to calm down in early September and the seasonal campers seemed at ease, as did the locals. However, the beginning of October brought with it a whole new meaning of horror.  A couple in their mid-twenties out of Tennessee were tent camping in Possum Hollow, while Mark was busy setting up camp Sarah decided to take a swim. She grabbed her swimsuit and headed towards the bathhouse to change. She changed, unlocked the stall and walked out. As she was leaving someone grabbed her from behind. Her first instinct was to scream and scream she did and her second instinct was that Mark was playing a joke on her, but the reality hit her like a brick, she was in big trouble. Who ever had her was inhumanely strong, struggling was useless and she was finding it hard to breathe each second until finally she fell unconscious. Mark having finished the site preparations figured Sarah would be a human pop scicle by now and he went to check on her. He went to  the pool no sign of her, he went to the bathhouse, he opened the door and yelled for Sarah, but no reply. He poked his head in a little further and noticed Sarah's clothes strewn all over, fear and panic struck him. Mark rushed to the campground office and explained everything to Boe, not taking any chances they called the police. Boe told Mark to wait in the office for the police, assured him everything would be all right and headed out to pay Sadie a visit. Boe asked Sadie what is going on, she looked up at him and started weeping. Boe sat and listened to what Sadie was telling him, things that were not humanly possible, things that only happen in horror movies. Sadie told him how it all began and  what it would take to make it all end.

Wicked Willie was born in the bayou's of LA in June of 55, disfigured at birth and mentally handicap, the doctors said  Willie would never see adult hood. The doctor was right and Willie died at the age of 19. Sadie went to seek the help of a witch doctor she heard that could bring back the dead permanently and pleaded with him to do so. He explained to her that was something that he would not do, oh, he could do it, but it would be unleashing an evil upon the earth the likes no one had ever seen. Sadie continued to explain to Boe how she stole into the witch doctor's shanty and killed him. Draining his blood into an urn, she took his books, read them and  learned the power to resurrect the dead. She told Boe how she used the blood of the shaman to heal the decaying flesh and repair the organs of Willie. She now  controls Willie by casting spells on the living animals before he feeds on them, but the older Willie gets the stronger his will is. The blood of animals no  longer sustains him, he now must feed on the blood of human life to keep him. He has become uncontrollable. The police had came and left by the time Boe returned  to the office. They told Mark Sarah could not be considered missing until after 24 hours. Until then there was nothing they could do. Boe felt terrible seeing Marks grief, he also felt worse knowing that she had more than likely became a victim of Willie.

Now the job of trying to get as many campers out of the campground as possible, so they could carry out Sadie's plan.  Boe went to each campsite and told them there was a black bear loose in the vicinity and it would be best that they leave or at the very least stay in their campers until notified. Boe thought of those he could ask to help him in capturing Willie but knew doing so would put their life in danger. He made several calls and explained to each one the severity of the situation. He was able to get two volunteers and meet them at the office. He proceeded to tell them the story told by Sadie of what was in store for them if they were to capture Willie. As 9:00 pm approached, Boe and the boys loaded their guns got their gear ready and headed out. They snuck into the woods as quietly as they could. As they were making their way deeper into the woods they could see a dim light coming through the trees ahead of them and heard strange sounds. The made their way up to the edge of a clearing and they were able to get a better look at the commotion. Boe knew the story Sadie told was true, but until he saw it with his own eyes he did not grasp the true reality of Wicked Willie. All he could do was watch and stare at Willie, soaked in blood kneeling over the naked body of Sarah. With each bite Willie took the blood flew everywhere. Boe watched for what seemed like an eternity in hell. Boe was oblivious to all of his  surroundings, the sent of gunpowder was what woke him from his hell, and the sound of someone calling his name. Boe slowly turned to see Ed standing there with his gun smoking. Before Boe could tell them Willie was not dead Willie started to rise up off Sarah's body looking at the three men. As Willie was standing up a crack of thunder could be heard, standing behind Willie was Mark holding a baseball bat in the ready position. Mark looked down and saw his Sarah's body torn apart almost unrecognizable as human. Boe tried to warn Mark but it was too late Willie was already on him. With the savagery of a pack of wolves Willie was on top of Mark and plunged his big yellow teeth into Mark's neck ripping out a chunk, he took another bite leaving Marks head held on only by his spinal cord. Willie again looked up to where Boe, Ed and John were standing.

As frightened as the three were they knew that they where either going to die tonight or they were going to stop others from dying. Each man started to fire as many shots as possible, reloading  as fast as they could. With a howl that shook the whole woods Willie finally dropped and wasn't getting up. The three men did as Sadie had instructed Boe, they bound Willie in chains and dragged him to the woods edge, they dug a grave  deep enough for the forest animals not to catch the scent and dropped his body into it, and then they waited for Sadie. Sadie arrived just before 11:00 pm, with an urn of blood in her right hand and ten Kaleash stones in a bag in her other. She instructed them to bury each stone deep enough to never be moved and  place them at the entrance of the woods. The three split up and buried the  stones as Sadie had instructed. All three men heard a disturbance coming from Willie's deep grave. They each tentatively went and peered down in to it. They  could see Willie struggling with the chains they had tightly bound, and at times  they were sure he was going to break free. Sadie then forced Willie to drink the blood of the shaman, the same that brought him back from the dead. The blood would not kill him, Sadie explained, Willie could never die again only be contained. Each setting of the Harvest moon would bring Willie back from his slumber, and for that season he would walk as he once did. Only the spell cast  on the buried stones will keep him form roaming freely beyond the woods. For the month of October Wicked Willie will roam the woods of this place she warned Boe, anyone he takes will become his slave, a mindless, soulless zombie like  himself.

Over time the legend of Wicked Willie  grew and people still come to find out for themselves if what they hear is true. Boe continues to warn them of the danger and to keep out the woods. Every October the woods get flocked by those trying to see if the Legend is really true. Some escape with tales of their encounters while others claim to see nothing or they just refuse to accept the unacceptable.

Now you know the tale of Wicked Willie, you can't say you haven't been warned, you can't say you don't know the horror that awaits any trespassers in the woods of Midway Campground.

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DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are intoxicated, wearing any form of cast, using crutches or a cane, or have any type of physical limitations. Do NOT ENTER the attraction if you are taking medication or using drugs of any type. You will not be admitted if any of these conditions are noticed by our staff.

No purses, bags, back packs or blankets allowed. This is an outdoor attraction, so please wear appropriate shoes (no flip flops or high heels) - you will be walking in the woods!

A metal detector will be used on everyone; pocket knifes, lighters, flashlights and electronic cigarette's will be taken away, so please leave them in your vehicle.


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Midway Wicked Woods is located at 114 Midway Dr., Statesville, NC 28625 in the Midway Campground Resort at exit 162 off I-40, Cool Springs exit.

Exit 162 off I-40, follow signs for haunt or for Midway Campground Resort, Good Sam park.

9 miles east of I-77, 25 minutes west of Winston-Salem, 20 minutes from Mooresville, 45 minutes from Charlotte!